Transaction Experience

  • Private Placements - Equity
– Agent or co-agent on private equity placements totaling $105MM
– Agent or co-agent on public offerings totaling $245mm
– Raised funding through research collaborations for emerging biotech company

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
– Led over 20 successful acquisitions achieving their strategic and financial objectives
and ranging from $1– 500MM
– Involved in numerous due diligences with various objectives
– Led M&A projects for technology & IP access/expansion, geographical expansion and
product line extension, and achieving production, distribution or research critical mass
– Led IPO of major irrigation company
– Structured numerous research,licensing, product development, distribution relationships

  • Advisory
– Written and provided advice on numerous business plans
– Developed numerous valuations for both private and public entities
– Developed cash flow models and provided cash flow analysis leading to accurate
forecasting and determination of capital needs
– Provided litigation support on major cases
– Facilitated technology “quid pro quos” to achieve “freedom to operate”
– Determined in- and out-licensing terms and negotiating frameworks
– Advised both private and public companies on strategic development projects
– Assisted in product development analysis and strategic planning